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Minute Keeper
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Minute Keeper® is an affordable dedicated application for the management of Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

  • Quickly generate meeting agendas
  • Record minutes and actions during meetings and validate before participants leave
  • Customise to your organisation's meeting style
  • Search, sort and filter items discussed at previous meetings by category, by participant, by content...
  • Add/edit meeting participant details
  • Link documents associated with agenda items
  • Create your own custom reports and reporting formats
  • Manage multiple meeting types in one application
  • Manage multiple data files

Features [top]

Minute Keeper helps to assist with the management of Meeting Agendas and Minutes by allowing users to:

  • Enter Meeting and Agenda details.
  • Enter the details of the meeting minutes and actions as the meeting proceeds or after the meeting has concluded.
  • Enter staff and participant details and select them against the various roles relating to meetings - Chair, Scribe, person bringing an agenda item.
  • Manage multiple meeting types within the one application - eg: Executive meeting, section meeting, social club meeting etc.
  • Categorise agenda items by a key word.
  • Place headings within individual minutes such as Actions, Motion, Amendment, Moved By:, etc.
  • Group related minutes.
  • Manage items held over from previous meetings.
  • Link documents that relate to individual agenda items.
  • Search, filter and sort minutes using multiple criteria.
  • Print agenda and lists of minutes by meeting, type, person or a search string.
  • Manage section or organisation contact details.
  • Can be used within your existing copy of Microsoft® Access without loading additional system files.
  • Generate your own custom reports using your existing copy of Microsoft® Access.

Versions [top]

Demonstration Version
The demonstration version of Minute Keeper® can be downloaded for FREE from the bottom of this page. It has contains nag screens and has been feature limited.

Single-User Licence
The full version of Minute Keeper® can be unlocked by purchasing a Single-User Licence. Click here for pricing details.

Academic Licence
All schools, organisations or groups that wish to install Minute Keeper® throughout their organisation should obtain an academic licence. Copies can be loaded on any machine within the organisation as well as on home PC's. Click here for academic licensing and click here for pricing details.

Network & Site Licenses
Network and/or site licenses for Minute Keeper are available. Please contact us for further information.

MAJOR Software and Text Publishing can provide specialised customisation of Minute Keeper® and possibly assist with its integration into other existing database applications.

System Requirements [top]

This application was designed for use with Microsoft® Access 97 or later. In order to run this application, you may need:

  • a Pentium PC or better (with mouse)
  • 16 of RAM or higher (depending on your version on Microsoft® Access)
  • SuperVGA monitor running at 800 x 600 pixel resolution, 16 colours or better
  • approximately 25MBytes of free hard drive space (not including the space required for the Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access).

You need to:

  • be running Microsoft® Windows 95 or later
  • have a copy of Microsoft® Access currently loaded on the computer.

NOTE: If you do not have a copy of Microsoft® Access 97 or later, a (stand-alone) version of Minute Keeper can be purchased from us. The stand-alone version will NOT allow you to directly add or update user defined reports.

Pre-Download Survey [top]

We are seeking your support in focusing our product line. Please assist us by taking a moment to fill in this brief survey before downloading the demonstration version: (Please review our customisation policy before offering product customisation suggestions.)

How did you hear about this product?

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Primary Type of Meetings?

What would take the angst, drudgery and/or hassle out of preparing meeting agendas and minutes?


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