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For Personal Belongings
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Click here to download the freeware promotional version.

For Personal Belongings is a database application designed for the management of various personal belongings. The single-unit version (1.3) of For Personal Belongings contains components for managing:

  • household items (eg PC's, TV's, video players etc)
  • media items (such as records, CD's, DVD's and videos)
  • clothing and jewellery
  • vehicles and properties
  • kitchenware and tools
  • artwork and collectables
  • many more!

Features [top]

For Personal Belongings contains a range of components to assist with the management of personal belongings which may include:

  • household items and furniture (eg PC's, TV's, video players, antique furniture)
  • clothing and jewellery
  • media and library items (records, CD's, DVD's, videos, books, comics, magazines �)
  • kitchenware (including: crockery and cutlery sets, electrical appliances)
  • tools (including hand and power tools)
  • vehicles (eg car, boat, trailer, caravan, jet ski)
  • properties (eg family home, rental properties, holiday apartment)
  • plants (eg trees, shrubs, ground covers)
  • artwork and other collectables
  • software licences
  • notification letters including contact details and a section to add and edit letters to be sent to various contacts
  • general notes and personal resolutions

Note: other features and components will be added as development occurs.

Versions [top]

Promotional Version
A FREE promotional version of For Personal Belongings can be downloaded here.

Single-User Licence
The more comprehensive Single-Unit Licence version of For Personal Belongings can be downloaded here.

Academic Licence
All schools, organisations or groups that wish to provide professional development and/or training in the Minute Keeper database (or in the management of meetings generally) should obtain an academic licence. Copies can be loaded on any machine within the training organisation as well as on home PC's. Click here for details.

MAJOR Software and Text Publishing can provide specialised customisation of For Personal Belongings for a range of uses and applications. Collectors for instance, might wish to have specialised components added to the database. Click here for details

System Requirements [top]

This application was designed for use with Microsoft® Access 97 or later. In order to run this application, you may need:

  • a Pentium PC or better (with mouse)
  • 16 of RAM or higher (depending on your version on Microsoft® Access)
  • SuperVGA monitor running at 800 x 600 pixel resolution, 16 colours or better
  • approximately 25MBytes of free hard drive space (not including the space required for the Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access).

You need to:

  • be running Microsoft® Windows 95 or later
  • have a copy of Microsoft® Access currently loaded on the computer.

NOTE: If you do not have a copy of Microsoft® Access 97 or later, a (stand-alone) version of Minute Keeper can be purchased from us. The stand-alone version will NOT allow you to directly add or update user defined reports.

Pre-Download Survey [top]

We are seeking your support in focusing our product line. Please assist us by taking a moment to fill in this brief survey before downloading the demonstration version: (Please review our customisation policy before offering product customisation suggestions.)

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